1. To help each individual swimmer realize his or her potential to its fullest. The human qualities of self-motivation and self-discipline are emphasized to achieve this goal.

2. To give the swimmer a basic understanding of human anatomy and principles that create human motion. It is not enough to know "how" a skill is performed, but "why" it is performed.

3. RFAC strives to create a safe, healthy and supportive team-family environment. To do so RFAC has developed along with USA Swimming guidelines, Athlete Protection Policies and Safe Sport Guidelines and Resources available to all team members and families.

4. And finally, to introduce the individual to the stresses of competitive athletics and their affects on life.

COMPETITIONS: As a member club of United States Swimming we provide a meet schedule conducive to the needs of the individual swimmer that will include dual meets, league championships, and competitions ranging from the Metropolitan Bronze Level Championships to the U.S. National Championship.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: The fee structure is determined by the current operating committee and tiered to accommodate multiple children from each family. Additional expenses will include USS registration, team equipment costs and a Meet Entry Account.

REGISTRATION: All interested swimmers are encouraged to join at any time throughout the year. A free one week tryout period will be given prior to a verbal commitment from the family.


COACHING STAFF: A professionally directed staff consists of coaches with competitive and teaching experiences. It will include members and Head Coaches of the Marist College Swimming Teams.